ROS, (Relic Of Sin) at its core is a passion project. At its heart it wants to be a 90's FPS, its ambitious yet at the same time a safe formula, industrial and cold yet self-aware.

Deliberately enshrine with the archetype of id shooters of yesteryear, with aims to encapsulate the spirit of these games, its demonic like DOOM, yet sensible in its aesthetics like Blood, angst in its approach like Quake, yet confident in its mechanics like Return to castle Wolfenstein.

It's in no way story driven and above all an excuse to piss away 2 hours while you kill some fucking demons.

...just play it and see for yourself.

Sidenote: this project has been the will of one man: Mark, and here is a quick history lesson this game has been in development hell since 2008, and up until recently was considered fucking dead, that is until the likes of Doom 2016 and Brutal Doom Mod came on to the scene, and revitalized us with a vision of what we finally wanted in a game.


Relic of Sin takes place in a fictional modern time, it is a violent, bloody, horror, action computer game not recommended for anyone under the age of 15, played out in first-person, the primary goal of the game is to survive, without falling victim to the many hazards and dangers such as freshly summoned demons and monsters from the underworld, scatted about in every level.

Inspired by 90's style first-person shooters (FPS), Relic of Sin runs on a modified version of the EDuke32 engine which is a source port of the classic PC first person shooter game Duke Nukem 3D from 1996.

  • The story is inspired by Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny and PowerSlave (Exhumed)
  • The aesthetics are inspired by Blood and Quake
  • The Name is inspired by the last level in DOOM II: Icon of Sin

The Story


You're an archaeologist working for the international office of paranormal events, on an expedition in an old Castle in the North of Italy (occupied by axis forces during World War II), your team has been sent down to the basement to retrieve an old relic that has been missing since the early 1300's, when you and your team arrive there you find an old stone box in the center of the room.

Intrigued with curiosity you set about breaking it open with an axe, what you find inside is a well preserved flag with an odd shaped object wrapped up in side,

but suddenly there is a huge flash of light and you're thrown to the ground knocked out instantly, your team not wanting to stick around leaves you for dead and locks you in the basement, you become conscious about 3 minutes later to hear scratching from the coffin behind you...

The Relic

As from what history can tell us very little is known about the relic, some ancient scrolls describe the relic as a red pentagram although its power is not mentioned in any of the text, the only information that can be found on its power is written in a dead language. The text that can be translated contains several references to the forgotten gods of Orbist, protectors of the relic, a group of worshippers and followers of the true god Noratus that lived over thousands of years ago.


As it is written in the passage of Orbist, "wherever the relic shall go, darkness will follow", it also states that a carrier of the relic is tested by evil; "he who stands true to his creator shall be delivered as does he who has fallen against it, has condemned there soul to darkness."


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