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About Us,

Our Story,

We're a small studio based out of Morwell, Victoria, Australia.

Founded on the 13th April 2009, around 2008, then known as Cactus Wearing Cowboy Hat Mod Team (Cwchmt for short) we got our start on the 'modding' scene, with this always being so limiting, we decided to start making our own games from scratch.

Channelling the zeitgeists of the mid-90's our focus is mostly on retro style gaming and low polygon graphics.

Our Motto,

30 Storm Studios Motto

Accipere defectum, amplecti dolor.

Accept failure, Embrace pain.

Our Logo,

The idea for the logo was conceived after watching the History of Quake video (History_of_Quake.avi) released by Activision in 2001 as part of the Ultimate Quake collection, during the intro sequence, the id software and the Quake logo are projected over a storm cloud ejecting lightning bolts from the sky.

Oiginal Sketch

The original concept art for the logo was sketched by our founding member Mark.

Logo Outline

The outline of which was then translated on to computer using Paint.NET a free open source program for digital photo editing.

Lightning Bolt

The lightning bolt had a colour layer and embossment effect added to it,

Storm Cloud

While a dents filter and 3 types of shade were added to the storm cloud.

30 Storm Studios Logo Design Stage 4

Each layer was then merged to form the final resulting logo.

Our Team,



Lead level designer & Art director


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Contact us,

For press inquiries, please contact Mark Albanese: Email

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**Due to the volume of e-mails received, we cannot guarantee a response to individual inquiries.