Below is a list of weaponry available in-game.


A physical strike using the foot, leg, or knee, no ammo required.


Name: P08 Luger
Weight: 2 kilograms
Action: Semi-automatic
Ammo Caliber: 19mm
Standard Feed: Magazine fed
Ammo Capacity: 8 bullets

A weapon recovered from the expedition, as the castle was occupied by axis forces during World War II, surprisingly it still works and you may even be able to find ammo for it.

Pump-action Shotgun

Name: Pump-action Shotgun
Weight: 3 kilograms
Action: Pump-action
Ammo Caliber: 20-gauge
Feed system: Hand fed round internal tube magazine
Ammo Capacity: 8 shells

After a bear attack in Siberia it became standard practice for trained members of I.O.P.E to carry a general purpose firearm while on expedition.

Double-barrel Shotgun

Name: Coach Gun
Weight: 4 kilograms
Action: Break-action
Ammo Caliber: 12-gauge
Standard Feed: break-open hand fed
Ammo Capacity: 2 shells

Commonly found on farms in the neighbouring area, used by farmers and farm hands to protect livestock from Fox\Wolf attacks.

Rocket launcher

Name: P285 Reloadable Solid Rocket Propulsion Mechanisms
Weight: 5 kilograms
Action: Single Shot
Ammo Caliber: 66x567mm Rocket
Standard Feed: Hand fed barrel loaded
Ammo Capacity: 1 rocket

Used by light infantry combat units to 'take care of business'.

Medusa maledictio

Weight: 0.5 kilograms
Enchant Weapon, (Rechargeable) no ammo required.
Special features: The book of stone, lets you turn enemies in to stone.

Available after killing a heretic or a cult follower


Weight: 1 kilogram
Melee Weapon, no ammo required.

Used to break open the old stone box in the center of the room; this is the first weapon you will have at hand when the game starts.

Submachine Gun (SMG)

Name: M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun
Weight: 2 kilograms
Action: Automatic
Ammo Caliber: .45 ACP
Standard Feed: Drum Magazine fed
Ammo Capacity: 100 rounds

Documents describe covert operations taking place by Allied forces in the area, according to the documents some of the agents and supply drops were taken captive.

Assault Rifle

Name: M4 carbine
Weight: 3 kilograms
Action: Automatic
Ammo Caliber: 5.56 mm
Standard Feed: Magazine fed
Ammo Capacity: 30 rounds

Dropped by Soldiers, ammo is plentiful.

Flame Thrower

Name: MVC Flamethrower
Weight: 4.5 kilograms
Action: Automatic
Ammo: Propane
Standard Feed: Automatic pump-fed
Ammo Capacity: 5 gallons (Propane)

Although it may be band under the Geneva Convention, this weapon is great if you need to clean out a room of Zombies, or a clear winner for your next BBQ.


Weight: 1 kilogram
Action: Thrown, Remote detonation

Whether you're renovating a castle, moving to an open living plan or need to clear a machine gun nest using Dynamite will surely be a blast!


Weight: 0.5 kilograms
Enchant Weapon, (Rechargeable) no ammo required.
Special features: The Wrath of God, allows you to cast lightning bolts from your hands, may cause certain enemies to catch fire.
Availability: Rare, can only be picked-up after a boss fight in the castle.


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